TONYIN Headlight Restoration System


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Tonyin Headlight Restoration Kit
Kit includes everything needed to get your headlights looking as good as new
   -   Wetsand Paper
   -   Headlight Restoration Fluid
   -   Electic Vapourizer
   -   Mouth Mask

How to Use
   -   Thoroughly clean headlight
   -   Pre-soak the wet sandpaper and, using plenty of water, start to sand the hazing/yellowing on the headlight.  We recommend starting from 600 grit and working through to 1500 grit
   -   Once wet sanding is complete, please use a degreaser to wipe down the headlight
   -   Fill 80 -100ml of the restoration fluid into the vaporizer jug and tightly seal (use included rubber sealing band)
   -   Plug the vaporizer into power and wait approximately 5-6 minutes (or until a fine vapor/steam starts to appear from the tip
   -   From approximately 1cm away, and starting from top to bottom. allow the vapor to coat the headlight.  During this process, the headlight will start to go clear indicating it is now sufficiently coated. 
   -   Allow drying.  We recommend allowing an hour.
   -   One kit should be enough to coat from 10  to 20 pairs of headlights.  

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