D-TAIL LAB's #LOW Pink-a-licious Foamy Car Shampoo


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Developed in collaboration with #low PINK-A-LICIOUS is an automobile soap with a neutral pH that produces an ultra rich and abundant foam, a bright pink color and the scent of bubble gum.
Thanks to biodegradable detergents and these other active elements, PINK-A-LICIOUS quickly removes stubborn dirt while ensuring optimal lubrication to prevent the appearance of micro-scratches.

Hand wash: Pour into an empty bucket 1 oz (30 ml) of soap per gallon (3.78L), fill the seal with water to foam the product. Soak your mitten in microfiber and gently shake on the body, then rinse.

Cleaning with a foam gun: Pour 3 oz (90 ml) of soap into the tank and fill with water, spray on the entire surfaces of the vehicle, gently shake on the body, then rinse.

*For a very dirty vehicle or a brighter colour, double the quantities and ideally pre-wash the vehicle with ROGUE. Shake container before use.
* Keep away from frost. *


  • pH Neutral 
  • Safe on all coated surfaces, plastics, glass, etc.
  • Rich rose-colored foam
  • Bubblegum scent



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