D-TAIL LAB MARVEL L / 6 '' Microfiber Cutting Pad by Scholl Concepts


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For the last couple of years, Microfiber Pads have become very popular among the detailer community, as they are characterized by a very high level of abrasiveness on almost all painted surfaces.

D-TAIL LAB's MARVEL Microfiber Pads are very polyvalent, as they can be paired with both rotating and random orbital polishing tools, no wonder why they have gained a very special place in many paints refinishing professionals' arsenals.

We recommend a random orbital polishing machine in combination with Scholl Concepts S2Black Premium rubbing compounds.

To create the perfect finish on dark surfaces (paintwork), we suggest finishing with Scholl Concepts Premium Pad Orange in combination with S30+ Polishing Compound.

Cut: 5/6

Finish 5/6

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